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About tpoHUB

tpoHUB has been designed as the campus recruitment nerve center. At the macro level it enables companies, colleges and students to discover and connect with each other. Once connected they can collaborate at the micro level to plan and execute recruitment drives from start to finish.

Other than being a seamless platform for discovery, connection and collaboration for campus recruitment; tpoHUB also aims at being a platform that can be used by this community to share knowledge about emerging fields, career options for students, building competencies at campuses, industry requirements, talent availability, best practices etc.

tpoHUB also aims at leveraging data mining and analytical techniques to identify trends and patterns related to campus hiring, industry requirements, talent availability at campuses, and skill gaps between industry requirements and campuses. Colleges and students will be able to leverage these insights to develop programs that will help them move up the value chain in campus recruitment. Companies can leverage these insights to focus their campus recruitment efforts in the right direction.

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